Environment, Water and Sanitation

Environment, Energy and Water Sanitation is one of the transferred functions from the Nairobi County Government. The current service delivery initiative under this function is operationalization of effective garbage collection and disposal methods and enforcement on affluent discharge from industry and restaurants.

According to the mandate of NMS, we have been able to achieve the following thus far;

  • 100 percent Clearance of garbage backlog in the City
  • Reactivation of 35 garbage collection trucks and street mapper machines.
  • Identification, clearing of accumulated wastes and enforcement for closure for 110 illegal dumping sites and 122 discharge points.
  • Recovery of Contested land earmarked for solid & liquid waste management.
  • Ruai – Water & Sewerage expansion and sanitary landfill
  • Kariobangi & Karen – Waste water treatment
  • Gazettement of 35 Solid waste collection points.
  • Sinking of 193 boreholes
  • Completion of 20, 903 meters water piping extension.
  • Use of water bowsers to supply 13 Million liters of water to the informal settlements.
  • Gazettement of water bowsers and exhausters through Kenya Gazette published on 8th June, 2020.
  • Reclaiming and beautification of Parks and Open spaces.
  • Removal of solid waste from the river and river banks
  • Restoration of 20,000 street and public lights in the City.
  • Mapping of street lights and floodlights using GIS Coordinates. – mapped out 60,289 street poles.
  • Relocation of power lines and installation of new lights along Grogan road, Kenyatta Avenue and Mukuru Kwa Reuben.
  • Replacement of street light lanterns at Park road with Floodlights.
  • Installation of Floodlights along Jogoo road from Mwariro market to Outer ring road.
  •  Retrofitting of the High-Pressure Sodium (HPS) and Metal Halide lights in the CBD & along Thika road.
  • Implementation of the Nairobi River Water Front Improvement Project from Globe Roundabout to Racecourse Road Bridge.