Roads, Transport and Public Works

Transport Services and Public Works is one of the transferred functions from the Nairobi County Government. The current service delivery initiative under this function is to effect non-motorized transport (NMT) goals within the Nairobi urban Mobility Plan and traffic management and decongestion in the CBD.

According to the mandate of NMS, we have been able to achieve the following thus far;

  • Implementation of Urban Mobility framework.
  • Implementation of NMT corridors along Kenyatta Avenue, Muindi Mbingu and Wabera streets.
  • 80 percent Completion of Rehabilitation and Re-introduction of Traffic signals in CBD, Community area, Gikomba, Muthurwa, Kirinyaga Road & environs, Muranga Road matatu terminus and Kenyatta National Hospital.
  • Integration of hourly car parking facilities into the Nairobi Revenue Service
  • Programme at Desai Road, Machakos Bus Station, and sunken Nairobi Law Court car parking facilities.
  • Ease traffic flow in the CBD by constructing of matatu terminus at Desai
  • Road, Park Road, Westlands, Kangemi, Railway grounds and Muthurwa.
  • Construction of Grogan Road – Joining Race-Course & Globe roundabout.
  • Workforce by purely street families.
  • 70 percent completion of Re-Carpeting of CBD Roads – using Kazi Kwa vijana Mtaani Initiative (Nairobi Chapter).
  • Construction of 50 KM Road at Mukuru Informal Settlement.
  • Assembling of Asphalt plant along Kangundo road to produce 120 tons per hour, to enhance road construction in the City